Old is the new new . . .

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We live believing the lie: old can never mix with new (and vice versa).

            Whenever one generation encounters another, we have a tendency to thrust up our hands and remark, “They’ll never understand!”

            After all, how could an eight-year-old who plays fruit ninja ever know the feeling of mulch crusted in their fingernails after they planted a victory garden?

            And how could a senior citizen understand how student debt grabs the lungs of millennials with a pair of choking hands?

            It seems Solomon proclaimed in vain, “There is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NLT). Clearly the Old Testament king never encountered a selfie stick.

            So how can we reconcile the two vast worlds of old and new?

            One word: literature.

            From the eccentric illuminations of Plato to the magical world of Harry Potter, characters differ only by the year in which they were born. All works of literature share a new connection: nothing new.  

            I plan to prove this one blog post at a time.


I liked this well-written blog post by Chantal Burns.


One thought on “Old is the new new . . .

  1. You are wise beyond your years young lady. I love reading and I love theatre, because both take me to places I can’t go in real life. I have been teaching for a long, long time and every year I learn so much from my students (of which your mom was one) Your Mom is very proud I’m sure! Please keep writing!


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