I Love Friends

Type of Literature: Misc. (Television show)

Old: I Love Lucy (1951)

New: Friends (1994)

I Love Lucy features Lucy Ricardo, a charming ginger who has a tendency to slip into troublesome situations. Despite quips and complaints from her Cuban husband and two friends, it’s no secret everyone truly does love Lucy.

In an apartment building in New York, six friends strive to find love and prosperity, but they find themselves in humorous disasters despite the mundaneness of the everyday.


1. Both shows have a setting in an apartment in New York

In fact, the Ricardos rent their apartment from their two friends, Ethel and Fred Mertz in I Love Lucy.

Although the six friends jostle positions in different apartment rooms, no one lives in an abode elsewhere for as long as the show airs.

2. One of the main characters is a singer

Lucy’s husband, Ricky, projects his beautiful voice at Tropicana, a nightclub. He has heralded his melodies to the tunes of “Babalu” and “I Love Lucy.”

While Phoebe, one of the friends, does not trill elegant carols like Ricky, her songs have a certain vivacity. Her hit “Smelly Cat” has reached the ears of millions of listeners.

3. Both works dive into the difficulties of relationships

The Mertz couple reflects the struggles marriage often supplies. However, Ethel and Fred assert that fighting is how they reflect their love for one another.

Characters Rachel and Ross in Friends exemplify trials of dating life. Each character likes the other on and off, but neither seem to stick together for long.

4. One of the main characters has a nasty temper


Lucy often fears how Ricky will react whenever she pulls a shenanigan. Whenever her husband commences rapid-talking in Spanish, she knows his anger has peaked.

Ross lets his rage unleash when his boss steals his sandwich at work. Although often morose because he encounters several difficulties, Ross tends to mishandle conflict, and this often slides into frustration.

5. Surprise pregnancies

After over a decade of marriage, Lucy has produced no children. However, she receives pleasant news after a doctor’s visit. But due to Ricky’s busy singing schedule, she struggles to catch his attention. She decides to reveal the announcement during one of his performances.

Rachel receives the news she has conceived a baby and leaves the pregnancy test in her friend Monica’s trash can. Monica’s husband thinks she is pregnant, but Rachel discloses the truth after several misunderstandings.